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Sick of working for someone and looking to start your own business in the booming car detailing industry? A Jim’s Car Detailing Franchise may just be the perfect opportunity to becoming your own boss. Backed by the powerful Jim’s Brand you will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Have control of your income, working hours and lifestyle, while also enjoying the full support of Jim’s expert team.

Australia’s Largest Franchise

Over 4,000 Franchisees

With our head office based in Mooroolbark, Victoria, Jim’s Group is the largest franchise in Australia. Started in 1982 as a part-time gardening business, Jim’s Group has grown to over 4,000 successful franchisees. Each franchisee is the owner and operator of their own business, meaning they can work and earn as much as they like.

Is There Enough Work

1,663 Unserviced Jobs In Victoria For 2017

A common question we get asked is whether or not there is enough work. Jim’s Car Detailing Victoria received a total of 8,661 new leads in 2017 with 1,663 of them going unserviced. That is 1,663 jobs which went to waste simply because we didn’t have enough franchisees.

For the month of January 2018 Jim’s Car Detailing received 960 leads with 257 unserviced jobs. So the answer to the question is YES, we have enough work, even more than what we can handle and we have the figures to prove it.

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4.7 Stars from 1182 Reviews

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Ali Olmez, CEO – Jim’s Cleaning Group, explains one of the main issues Jim’s Car Detailing faced in 2016 was not keeping up with client demand.

A total of 2,218 leads went unserviced nationally (1,663 of them in Victoria) due to not having enough franchisees.

“We thought the solution was simple – more franchisees needed to meet the demand. In 2017 we had 30 new franchisees start. What we expected to see was the increased supply balancing the demand, but this did not happen. In fact, the opposite happened.

Despite our franchisees working to capacity, over 3,000 leads went unserviced.

Jim’s Car Detailing washed and detailed over 70,000 vehicles last year & our services are still in hot demand.

So we are still looking to add franchisees with a love of cars into the Jim’s Car Detailing team.’’


There are millions of vehicles in Melbourne alone (fleet vehicles, government vehicles, trucks, caravans and boats etc.), which need regular wash and detailing. People generally don’t have time to wash their own cars, nor do they have the time to wait around at a car wash. For this reason, they call a mobile car detailer to have their needs met. Being the largest franchise in Australia, we are the first that come to mind!

Our Clients

Car detailing customers can vary from a single domestic customer up to large company fleets with thousands of vehicles. Work might be a once off full detail, such as a private customer planning to sell their car, or a repeat client who is interested in getting their vehicles cleaned on a regular basis. Our franchisees also detail a variety of vehicles such as trucks, boats, caravans, busses, cranes, air crafts and many other vehicle types.

Life Style

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a big part of the Jim’s Group culture. While you will be expected to work hard to manage your business, you can be flexible in your work hours and day to day tasks so if you’ve ever considered working for yourself, enjoy making clients happy, want to be more active, be healthier and have a better lifestyle then make an enquiry about a Jim’s Car Detailing Franchise today.


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