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Be your own boss

Sick of working for a boss that doesn’t appreciate you?
Thinking of starting your own business, but afraid of failing?
Looking for a career that will offer you a lifestyle change with guaranteed income from day one?

What if we gave you the opportunity to:
✅ Be your own boss
✅ Have flexible working hours
✅ Spend more time with loved ones
✅ Get appreciated for the work you do
✅ Make $2,000.00 per week guaranteed with potential to make as much as you want

Would this be something that may interest you?

Australia’s Largest Franchise Group

Jim’s Group started as a part-time gardening business in Melbourne, Victoria while Jim Penman completed his PhD in history. It went full time in 1982 and was franchised in 1989. Currently, there are over 3,900 franchisees in four countries, and growing at the rate of around 5% per year.  Each franchisee is the owner and operator of their own business, meaning they can work and earn as much as they like.

We are also the largest car detailing franchise in the country with over 100 franchisees, and also the largest car detailing franchise in Victoria with over 30 franchisees.

$2,000 guarantee per week

We know that starting your own business can be scary, and a common question we get asked is “is there enough work?”. The short answer is yes, in fact we have more work than we can handle.
Jim’s Car Detailing Victoria receives hundreds of unserviced jobs each month simply because we don’t have enough franchisees to service them. For this reason, we can comfortably offer all our new franchisees a minimum of $2,000.00 guarantee per week as security with POTENTIAL TO MAKE MORE.

Business inclusions

✅ Your own exclusive territory
✅ Guaranteed income from day one
✅ Commercial grade car wash and detailing equipment
✅ Bulk of cleaning and detailing chemicals
✅ Stationery
✅ Uniform kit
✅ Vehicle wrap signage
✅ 5 days business training at Jim’s Group Melbourne headquarters
✅ 5 days professional car detailing training
✅ Business registration
✅ Contracts
✅ Manuals
✅ Advertising
✅ Ongoing training and support
✅ Access to Jim’s Group software (including invoicing, bookkeeping and CRM)
✅ Eftpos facilities

Total investment

The total investment of a Jim’s Car Detailing franchise will vary depending on your location. For a FREE information pack, please fill in the form below and an information pack will be sent to your email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Jim’s?

When you join Jim’s, you are joining the largest franchise group in Australia. This means that you are investing in a strong brand with a long track record of success. With our established training programs, marketing expertise, plus the ongoing support of your franchisor, you can focus on growing your business. At Jim’s we don’t tell you where to purchase your equipment and chemicals, you are free to make that choice yourself! We do however have preferred suppliers that do offer us deals that are unavailable to the public and independent operators. Finally, the biggest benefit from joining Jim’s is our systems. When you follow a system that franchisees have tried and tested before you, you have the recipe for success.

Do I need experience?

No prior experience necessary. We provide all our franchisees with 5 days business training at Jim’s Group National Office located in Mooroolbark, Melbourne. A further 5 days on-road where we train you on how to professionally wash and detail vehicles, to ensure you are 100% qualified before you hit the road.

Does it slow down in winter?

No, we actually get busier in winter as cars get dirtier.

Can I work anywhere I want?

Yes, you can work anywhere in Victoria and aren’t restricted to a certain territory/suburb. We expect our franchisees to work locally as sometimes the work may not be worth the travel.

What’s my hourly rate?

We don’t charge per hour, we charge per job. To give you an idea, our franchisees can make anywhere from $60 – $100+ p/h depending on the job and skills of the franchisee.

How do I get paid?

This is your own business, so the customer pays you directly after completing a job.

Do I pay Jim’s a commission of my earnings?

No, the Jim’s Group does not charge you a commission of your earnings. We have flat fees of $140.75 +GST per week and does not change regardless of what your income is. This is by far one of the best franchise fee structures, which is why we have over 3,900 franchisees.

Your fees cover:

✅ Advertising and Marketing
✅ National and Regional Support
✅ Jim’s Group National Call Centre
✅ Regular Meetings and Training
✅ Discounted Vehicles, Stationery, Uniforms, Chemicals, Equipment and More
✅ Jim’s Group Software Systems (invoicing, bookkeeping and CRM)

How much can I make a week?

Just like any business, this depends on you. If you are willing to work, we have plenty of jobs which are currently going unserviced.

Some of our franchisees make $2,000.00+ per week.

Do I need to pay Jim’s for any clients I find myself?

No, the Jim’s Group does not charge you for any clients you find yourself. You are also not charged for any regulars, repeats or referrals.

Can I put on workers and more vans?

Yes, you definitely can and we don’t charge you. A successful franchisee should always push to increase their regular client base and eventually put workers and more vans on the road.

How long is the agreement?

All our franchises come with a 20 year agreement. You will also have the option to extend your agreement for further 20 years at the end of your contract (NO COST). Within the 20 year period, you have the option to sell your business at anytime.

I‘m interested. What’s next?

Please fill in the franchise enquiry form below to discuss this opportunity further.

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