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Jim’s Car Detailing offers several different boat detailing services that will help protect your gel coat from the elements and help keep your boat clean and in good condition year round.  Our services include:

Boat Washing

We offer both one-time detailed washes done as needed or recurring washes done every one, two, three or four weeks. Recurring washes are the best way to keep your boat clean year-round so it’s ready for you anytime you want to enjoy it.


  • Snow foam hand wash.
  • Protective spray wax.
  • Chamois dry.
  • Wipe down and vacuum in the cockpit or fly bridge area.

Boat Cut and Polishing

Our cut and polish service will remove oxidation, bring back the gloss and further protect your gel coat making your boat easier to clean throughout the year.

Depending on the level of oxidation, we’ll either do a one-step cut and polish where we use a compound and wax mixture with a DA buffer to remove light to medium oxidation or if your boat has heavier oxidation, we can do a two-step process where we first go over the boat with compound to remove the oxidation and then with wax to protect the glossy new layer of gel coat.


  • Snow foam hand wash.
  • Chamois dry.
  • Clay bar treatment for decontamination of the gel coat.
  • One step cut and polish to remove light to medium oxidation.
  • Premium quality sealant wax application to protect the gel coat.


Stage 4 Restrictions Melbourne: All our Melbourne franchisees have suspended operations until the 17th of September 2020.

Stage 3 Restrictions Regional Victoria: All our regional Victoria franchisees are still operating as usual under stage 3 restrictions.