AMAZING car detailing from Mike Yeh in Melbourne

I can’t recommend Mike Yeh from Jim’s Car Detailing in Melbourne highly enough.

I chose Jim’s Car Detailing because I read horror reviews of people who visited roadside car washes and then later found all the things they missed. Jim’s had the most comprehensive and well priced car detailing I could find and it was super convenient. I also liked the idea that they finish the job in it’s entirety.

Mike Yeh showed up on time and was very professional. He was very upfront about the few major scratches which would be difficult to treat and then I left him to work. When I returned almost 7 hours later my car looked completely transformed! It went from looking like it came off the back of a truck after 2 weeks driving across Australia (which it did) to showroom condition. I was blown away.

You won’t be disappointed choosing Jim’s Mobile Car Detailing!